About Us

Bower House Construction Ltd

'bower' meaning: (n.) A shelter or covered place in a garden, made with boughs of trees or leaves, etc., twined together; an arbour; a shady recess.(v. i.) To lodge.(n.) Anciently, a chamber; a lodging room; a private apartment.(v. t.) To embower; to enclose.(n.) A rustic cottage or abode; poetically, an attractive abode or retreat

The Company

Bower House design and build creative quality tree houses, tree studios, garden offices, retreats and shelters, outdoor classrooms, play spaces, play structures and much more. The team at Bower House use their passion for natural and traditional materials, hand crafted construction together with the latest concepts in sustainable design to create beautiful, welcoming and spiritual spaces for live work and play.

Whether it’s a lofty tree house studio or extra bedroom to give your garden that extra dimension or a beautifully finished self catering tree house to expand your business we can turn your dream into reality.  We have great experience in designing and building tactile and evocative play environments for children (and the child within you) using natural materials, both for the school and home. We produce tree house escapes, climbing frames and adventure play equipment to suit your wildest dreams.

Our company aims:

• To create beautiful, bespoke, crafted, sustainable, traditional buildings and tree houses for people who are looking for an 'extra special space' to enjoy.

• To create welcoming spiritual spaces working with traditional materials and the latest advances in sustainable technology.

• To work in and amongst and with trees.

• To respect and promote local vernacular.

• To create the kind of places we like ourselves.

• To have fun!


Simon Parfett (Owner/Director) is a trained Environmental Engineer and previously ran his own business in sustainable building design and consultancy. His experience ranges from tree houses, traditional building materials such as the south west earth building craft of 'cob' and natural oak structures, to modern building designs using the latest in lightweight timber design and alternative materials such as hempcrete. Simon is passionate about environmental education, traditional crafts and sustainable materials.

Joe Cooper (Director) Joe also owns the partner company Touchwood Enterprises Ltd. This highly successful company build furniture and outdoor structures with a unique approach that joins sound design and high quality workmanship with local environmental awareness and community. Through his training as a cabinetmaker and a teacher, Joe Cooper is keen to reconnect communities with their local woodlands and support the revival of traditional woodcraft.

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