Bower House Tree-Top Escapes

With an emphasis on bespoke and quality, Bower House seeks to provide unique tree house installations for the private and lettings market. Offering a complete package we manage the process from design and planning through to construction and final fit out.

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For garden and play tree houses see Play Structures section
Tree House Living Spaces
Bower house specialise in high quality tree houses for both the private and business market. If you looking for an office with canopy views, a spectacular extra bedroom, or a new business opportunity then we are the team for you. We will create a design that works with your location and individual trees always aiming to achieve minimal impact and to tread lightly on the environment.
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Tree House Interiors
Bower House will work with you to achieve your dream interior. Our tree houses can have baths and showers, flushing toilets, kitchens, log burners, even under-floor heating.

We specialise in low energy designs and our products range from ‘Off Grid’ scenarios with 12 volt solar powered led lighting and composting toilets to fully plumbed tree houses with flushing toilets, mai...
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Tree House Construction
Our construction methods use minimal tree connection with a system approved by arboriculturalists to prevent damage to trees whilst allowing freedom of movement. Larger buildings can be fully or partially stilted placing the building within the tree environment.

We combine traditional wood and craft skills with the latest green building technologies to achieve low impact, low energy bui...
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Tree House Design
Bower House have a range of generic tree house designs that can be adapted to different locations. We also offer a bespoke design service for individual tree house builds to suit the location and individual trees.

The process usually begins with a site visit from which an initial design proposal and cost estimate is produced. We offer a planning application service or can offer advic...
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